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Did you know?


  • Somebody looks hungry!Sharks have been around for millions and millions of years!
    They were probably biting dinosaur legs at one time!
    Not even a Tyranosaurus Rex was safe to go into the water!

  • Sharks live for up to 30 years - wow that's old!

  • Sailors in the olden days called sharks "sea dogs"
    I wouldn't like to keep one in a kennel, would you?

  • Sharks have many different shapes of tail, which can be used to identify their species.

  • A Shark is always producing new teeth, which are very very sharp, and these new teeth keep on replacing the old ones. If only we could do that, then we wouldn't have to brush our teeth all the time!

  • Most sharks can't breath unless they are swimming. And if they don't swim, they sink!
    That means that they do not normally sleep for long periods at a time.
    I wonder if that's why they are so grumpy!

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